Welcome to Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary

Dear Jugomaro supporters,

As most of you know, on the 6th of November 2015, the Fernandes family was evicted from the property known to most of you as “The Jugomaro Predator Park”. Despite what has been publicised, and the sale of the predators to a third party purchaser, we are pleased to announce that the predators are in the possession and care of the Fernandes Family at their new home, the Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary.

After months of litigation and meetings between all the parties concerned we were thankfully able to reach a settlement with regards to the predators. The security of the predators would not have been possible without the unwavering help of our supporters and friends who have selflessly donated time and money to ensuring the return of the predators to the Fernandes family, as well as establishing the new home of the Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary under extremely strenuous circumstances. We do not intend to name each and every individual who assisted and volunteered in the operation, but to those of you who did, the Fernandes family wishes to express their eternal gratitute.

We are pleased to announce that the launch of the new home of The Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary is anticipated in early 2016 by which time the predators would have fully settled into their new enclosures and adjusted to their new surroundings. As such, during this transition, we respectfully ask that our supports respect the privacy of the Fernandes family and the predators.
We are excited to announce that, with the opportunity to improve our patrons’ experience, the Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary will house larger and safer enclosures for the predators, which will offer our patrons a fulfilling and unique experience.

The current enclosures for the predators, whilst compliant and adequate in all respects, have been erected on a temporary basis given an extremely short time frame within which to relocate the predators. However, for the benefit of our predators and a better experience for our patrons, the establishment of their permanent enclosures, which will be larger and more comfortable, will require a substantial amount of funding. In order for the Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary to be the magical place we foresee it to be, we will need all the assistance and funding that we can get. We urge all of our supporters to continue making donations which contribute to the well-being of all of our predators, whether in the form of finances or building materials to facilitate the establishment of the permanent enclosures for our predators.

Should you wish to make any donations or would like the opportunity to sponsor one of our predators and have your/your company’s name featured at the Jugomaro Predator Sanctuary, please get in touch with us and will be happy to give you any further information:

+27 82 558 0700 - Goosey
+27 82 558 0701 - Rosa
+27 82 558 0703 - Justin
Email: jugomaro@hotmail.com

Yours faithfully,
The Fernandes Family