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How it all started…

It all started in 2008 when Goosey Fernandes bought the beautiful game farm, Jugomaro, with the intention of looking after wild animals.

Goosey then came across this beautiful tiger cub in need of some love and attention, so he took the cub on and gave him the name Panjo.

In 2010 panjo went missing. The Fernandes family and all of South Africa had a big scare that July when Panjo escaped from the vehicle he was being transported in during a visit to the vet.

He was lost for 3 nights and 2 days and was then found in a wattle plantation in Verena, 70kms from the reserve

Thanks to dedication, true passion and love, Panjo was found and was so ecstatic to see his family again especially his dad Goosey. Over the course of the following years the Fernandes family became well known for their dedication to conserving the life of wild cats taking on more mistreated and unwanted, orphaned wild cats and so the pride grew. They are now the proud owners of a number of cats including Tigers, Tawny lions,,White lions and Caracals (Rooikat)